Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time Travelling in Lydiard Park

A look at last year's visit by the Woodvilles.

The Woodville re-enactors won over the locals at Lydiard Park this weekend when they set up camp on the edge of the front lawn.

Head of the household gave us a top to toe run down on those all important fashion accessories.  The lady wearing a black hat was flaunting her wealth as was the woman in white, neither did much housework apparently.  And we were told not to be fooled into thinking the man rattling his armour was a knight -  none of his bits matched and the provenance was questionable too.

The archer checking his equipment told some gory stories of the wounds inflicted by the various arrow heads while the talk on 15th century medical practices sounded marginally more painful.

A display of archery in the walled garden revealed that women were equal to the job and did you know it was the Victorians who named the famous 15th century weapon the longbow.  At the time bow was considered a perfectly adequate name.

Here are some photographs from the weekend.  If you would like to know more about the Woodvilles visit their website on

The encampment in the woods

A pint sized crossbow apprentice

Wealthy black hat wearing lady

Two posh ladies

A one knight stand - check out his armour!

At home with the Woodvilles


Handy tips - visitors were being instructed on how to get a knife through the visor of a helmet

Arriving in the Walled Garden for the archery display

Getting dressed for the part.

Warming up.

A view of the Butts

 Bow versus crossbow contest experiences technical hitch  - crossbow 5, bow 'I wasn't counting.'