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If you're like me you probably loathe the graffiti tags left on walls and fences, decipherable only to those who have put them there.  Marker pen or spray painted, I hate them all.  But show me initials carved with serifs and there I am, tracing my fingers across the gouged mark and wondering who this person was.

St Mary's Church at Lydiard Tregoze has a considerable amount of old graffiti, most of which has been left by tradesmen who have completed work on the fabric of the building. Roof leading in the south aisle contains the initials T.F. 1780, R.K. 1780 and F.B. 1791. Lead flashing on the former windows shows tradesmen working more than 200 years apart, from WW & RW in 1738 to D. Tull in 1949.

The mansion house also bears the scars of ancient graffiti, but don't you just wonder who WW was and could that date really be 1799?

T Tanner Plumber
Glazier & Painter
New Leaded This Light
June 10th 1819
W Bassett

John Cook
Plumer Glazer Painter
Wootten Basett Wilts
1814 December 12

Edwin Edmonds
March 21/48

Not so aesthetically pleasing

Nor this


New or old? Any ideas.

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